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Robert Walshe is a member of the Traveler Century Club, an exclusive international club for people who have visited over 100 countries & territories! 

Travel news, reviews and travel programs from around the world by broadcast professional and International Travel Alliance writer Robert Walshe.

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Audio Broadcast: Destination Report Charleston 2016

Audio Broadcast: Destination Report Nashville 2016

Audio Broadcast: Destination Report The Blue Train - South Africa 2016

Audio Broadcast: Destination Report Shangri-La - Paris 2016

Audio Broadcast: Destination Report St John's July 2015

Audio Broadcast: Destination Report Bhutan July 2015

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Working with Robert Walshe was a pleasure – his professional approach and dedication to bringing out our story was excellent, and the coverage generated speaks volumes to his commitment and skills in the field of communication and media exposure. We wish him only the very best, and can recommend his services with utmost faith.

Jetwing Hotels

Prasanna Welangoda
Senior Executive - Events and Media
Jetwing Hotels Sri-Lanka


Having worked with Robert in the past I have no hesitation in recommending him. Robert is known within the travel industry for his superb travel writing skills and his professionalism towards his peers. Robert's new website is a great asset for the public, for fellow members of the media, and for the travel trade and his passion for writing and broadcasting shines throughout the site. I wish him every success with the new website and with his future projects.

Travel Media Ireland

Michael Collins
Director - Travel Media Ireland


Over the many years I have worked with Robert Walshe, I have found him to be a profound professional with an infectious charm. My respective clients very much enjoy their interviews with Robert, and he always leaves an excellent and lasting impression on them.

JV Public Relations London

Jo Vickers
Managing Director - J V Public Relations London


We have worked with Robert on behalf of our clients for a number of years and have always found him to be a straightforward journalist who strives to provide his readers and listeners with factual and honest reviews. This in turn benefit our clients who have seen pick-up on visitors following his reviews or inclusion of news stories.

Host PR

Roisin Murphy
Account Director - Host PR


We have worked with Robert Walshe on press trips to both the Cook Islands and Jamaica, and he has been an absolute pleasure to work with. Both trips were extremely successful and resulted in some fantastic coverage, which the clients were both very happy with. The articles really got to the heart of the destination and his radio work was exceptional. We look forward to working with Robert again in the very near future.

Host PR

Sarah Salord
Senior Account Manager - McCluskey International London


I have been interviewed by Robert and his team on a number of occasions and I’ve never been disappointed with the results. His passion for delivering great travel stories is not jeopardised by his professional integrity, which means that his audiences will always enjoy a candid review. Robert recently travelled with Emirates to Australia and the ensuing coverage was fantastic, spanning many weeks and media channels and far exceeding our expectations.

Kempinski Hotels

Margaret Shannon
Ireland Manager - Emirates


Robert is a fantastic journalist and delightful to work with. His knowledge about everything travel related is without limit and he is one of the best dinner hosts I have ever met!

Kempinski Hotels

Ursula Von Platten Horande
Regional Director PR Europe & USA - Kempinski Hotels


Robert Walshe is a true professional. The Seychelles Tourism Board worked with him in 2012 on one of the new projects to re-launch Seychelles on the Irish market and the output of his work was amazing. In fact, we can proudly say that we got so much coverage from his press trip to our islands which is to date still bringing positive results for the destination. Robert spent one week in the Seychelles and provided coverage for not only the destination but also the partner hotels and the places and islands he visited. We got a wonderful programme on the Q Radio Network and coverage for six consecutive weeks in River Newspapers on the island of Ireland. All partners have expressed their satisfaction at the exposure given to them and they are willing to have him back anytime that he so wishes to work with the destination again. In January 2013, Seychelles ran a three-week promotion on the Q Radio Network and again this was extremely successful. By now, we have come to learn that Robert is a perfectionist and would not settle for anything less in his work. He is a fantastic travel writer with great writing skills and also an extremely talented broadcaster.The Seychelles Islands have found a true friend in Robert Walshe and we did not hesitate to appoint him as a ‘Friend of Seychelles – Press’ in November 2012. This means that he now belongs to the exclusive group of journalists from around the world who know Seychelles very well and who is passionate about the islands. We would be happy to have Robert back anytime.


Alain St Ange
Minister of Tourism - Seychelles


Robert Walshe is a true professional and always a pleasure to work with. Four Seasons Hotels have worked with him on numerous "Four Season" projects across the world resulting in valuable coverage across his numerous travel pages and radio stations on the island of Ireland. A dedicated website by Robert offering a thorough and objective user experience is a wonderful development for the industry mindful of todays online trends!

Four Seasons

Martina Vavrova
Director of Public Relations - Four Seasons Hotels Prague & Budapest



Robert Walshe is a member of the International Travel Writers Alliance

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Robert Walshe writes and broadcasts for a number of radio stations and publications. The Robert Walshe Destination Report is broadcast seasonally on radio and a new " On Location " monthly travel page appears in Northern Ireland celebrity magazine Big Buzz. Robert Walshe also contributes to magazines and web based travel pages on a freelance basis including his weekly travel page 'Home and Away' which is syndicated across River Newspapers on the island of Ireland.

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