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Robert Walshe is Managing Director and Head of Programmes of Q Radio a network of seven fm stations and DAB/digital services in Northern Ireland having launched a number of new services and led the takeover of former Belfast commercial station Citybeat 96.7 in 2015 now re-branded to Q Radio.

Robert also led the takeover of Q Radio Network in 2008 and in January 2015 Belfast commercial radio station Citybeat 96.7 / 102.5.


Robert was previously General Manager / Programme Director of Dublin's Country 106.8FM. He also was Launch Director of Ocean FM, which was hailed as the Republic of Ireland's most successful local radio launch ever.


A successful radio & television broadcaster, he has worked with Cork based 96/103FM / Irish Multi Channel TV and Dublin commercial radio station Lite FM/Q102.


Robert is also Travel Editor for River Newspapers Ireland while also contributing to Irish Travel Media publications and radio stations across the island of Ireland.




Robert Walshe

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Robert Walshe writes and broadcasts for a number of radio stations and publications. The Robert Walshe Destination Report is broadcast seasonally on radio and a new " On Location " monthly travel page appears in Northern Ireland celebrity magazine Big Buzz. Robert Walshe also contributes to magazines and web based travel pages on a freelance basis including his weekly travel page 'Home and Away' which is syndicated across River Newspapers on the island of Ireland.

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